New York Giants Schedule for 2017

Today marks the day the NFL releases the schedule for all 32 teams. The timing of the release is held at 8p.m. tonight on the NFL Network,

However, thanks to the self proclaimed number 1 radio personality Mike Francesca, the New York Giants schedule was leaked a bit early.

Francesca causally gave his listeners a quick rundown of the Giants schedule this afternoon probably forgetting he was not supposed to release that information.

Seriously I am going to miss Mike when he calls it quits in December but onward to the schedule.

Week 1: @ Dallas Cowboys – yup another week one match up at Dallas on Sunday night. You think the NFL would get more creative with the scheduling but that’d be expecting too much from them.

Week 2: Home vs Detroit Lions – home opener – Monday Night game

Week 3: @ Philadelphia Eagles – anyone remember the last time the Giants won in Philadelphia? house of horrors.

Week 4: @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Two of the best wide receivers from the 2014 draft in OBJ and Mike Evans match up

Week 5: Home vs LA Chargers – Eli vs Rivers in what could be their final game against one another

Week 6: @ Denver Broncos- Von Miller vs Ereck Flowers? Terrified for Eli’s safety.

Week 7: Home vs Seattle Seahawks  – OBJ vs Richard Sherman? Yes please. Last meeting OBJ had 7 receptions for 108 yards against Sherman.

Week 8: Bye

Week 9: Home vs LA Rams – Jackrabbit with a pick 6 against former team calling it now

Week 10: @San Francisco 49ers – another west coast trip – ton of frequent flyer miles for the Giants this season

Week 11: Home vs Kansas City Chiefs – If Eli survives Von Miller all Giants will be nervously anxious the KC front 7 does not obliterate our offensive line.

Week 12: @Washington Redskins – Thanksgiving night game in Nation’s capital. Third division game of the year

Week 13: @Oakland Raiders – Kahil Mack now against Ereck Flowers?!? Giants better find some diamond in the rough in this draft to play tackle.

Week 14: Home vs Dallas Cowboys – anyone else looking forward to an OBJ quick slant that goes 70 plus yards to win the game? When Dallas comes to New York, Beckham usually shows out in a big way.

Week 15: Home vs Eagles – back to back division home games at the end of the season? Buckle up.

Week 16: @ Arizona Cardinals  – Giants go out west four separate times this season. None could be in consecutive weeks? Nice little wrinkle from the NFL to throw the Giants out west on Christmas Eve after two division games at the end of the year.

Week 17: Home vs Washington Redskins – Final game of the year and If I know the Giants this game will come down to the fourth quarter with the playoffs on the line. Josh Norman vs OBJ.



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