Around the MLB: Who’s hot and Who’s not

The MLB season is in full swing. Most teams have played 14 and 15 games already thus far. An appropriate amount of time to judge player’s who are off to terrific, average or dreadful starts.

A player’s stats in April actually go a long way in the final season statistics. Get off the scorching hot start and your batting average or on base can survive the mid season slump. If you start a season batting below .200, your going to need a hot two weeks just to bring that average back to being respectable.

Lets take a look at a few players that fit in these categories:

Who’s Hot:

Chase Headley – 3B – New York Yankees 

Headley has looked like a different player this season compared to a year ago. Last season, Yankee fans who cheer Headley if he simply moved a runner from second to third on a ground ball out to the right side, that’s how bad he was. Now, Headley is off to a 19-for-48 start (.396 average) with a .500 OBP. He’s been a tough out and focal point to the Yankees good start. He’s added three home runs and 6 RBI as well.

Freddie Freeman – 1B – Atlanta Braves 

Freddie Freeman is playing like the best first baseman in baseball. Freeman is 22-for-50 for a .440 average and a .533 to begin the season. Freeman is hitting a ton of home runs with 6 already on the year. His RBI total only sits at 8 but that’s due to the product of the hitters in front of him. Freeman has been an impossible out.

Kris Davis – OF – Oakland Athletics 

Kris Davis has been a source of power in the middle of the A’s lineup. The right handed slugger has already produced 7 home runs in the teams first 15 games. Davis has driven in 11 runs as well. He’s been making more contact as well hitting .321 to begin his year.

Nolan Arenado – 3B – Colorado Rockies 

After coming off a World Baseball Classic where he was striking out in every bat, Arenado has regained his superstar groove getting off to a tremendous start. Arenado is hitting .356 with a .424 OBP. He continues to flash a golden glove and has 6 homers and 11 RBI for a Rockies team that has exceeded expectations so far to begin the season.

Bryce Harper – OF – Washington Nationals

Looks like Harper has regained his MVP form looking to bounce back from a down season a year ago. Harper is hitting .404 with a .516 OBP. Just the other night, he hit a three run home run in the top of the 9th inning to defeat the Phillies when his team was down to their final out. It gave the Nationals a 5-4 win. Harper has 6 home runs and already 18 RBI this year.

Who’s Not:

Manny Machado – 3B – Baltimore Orioles 

The Orioles have been playing good baseball to begin the year without much production from their star player. Macahao is 8-for-47 to begin the season. Good enough for a measly .170 average. His on base sits at .273 and has not provided much power with 2 home runs on the season.

Jose Reyes – 3B – New York Mets 

Reyes has been so bad, he’s been demoted for the team’s lead off spot in the lineup. Curtis Granderson now vacates that spot and he has not been much better himself. Reyes is 5-for-53 to begin the year or a .094 average. He’s not walking much either as his OBP sits at .186. Reyes most effective weapon is his speed and he can not utilize it due to his lack of ability to get on base.

Byron Buxton – OF – Minnesota Twins 

The hype for Buxton was tremendously high when he was drafted with the second overall pick a few years back. Buxton has been a complete bust of a selection. His prior two seasons, he displayed an ineffectiveness to hit major league pitching. Now entering his third year, people expected a jump. Instead they have received a hitter who is 4-for-47 (.085 average). His on base percentage is at .140. Buxton has displayed no power and has yet to drive in a run this year. Another awful season looks to be on the way.

Jose Bautista – OF – Toronto Blue Jays 

Part of the reason the Blue Jays are off to a 3-11 start has been the dreadful play of Jose Bautista. Bautista is 6-for-51 with a .118 average and a .258 on base percentage to begin the year. His early season slump proves why teams were hesitant to toss money his way in the off season.  Bautista has no home runs and has driven in one run all year. Hard to find a worse player who was expected to be an impact bat in a lineup.

Jonathan Lucroy – C – Texas Rangers 

The Rangers are another team off to a slow start with a 5-10 record to begin the year. Lucroy has not provided much production. The former all star catcher is hitting .190 (8-for-42) with a .227 on base percentage to begin his 2017 season. He only has 1 home run and 4 RBI on the year. Lucroy is a free agent at years end and if he wants that lucrative deal, he better increase his production soon.


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