Starling Marte Suspended 80 games

80 games suspended for 

Ineligible for postseason

Jon heyman first to report 

Pirates outfielder Starling Marte has been suspended 80 games after testing positive for Nandrolone, a performance-enhancing drug, MLB has announced. The suspension begins immediately. (CBS Sports)

This is big news coming out of the MLB and for the Pirates organization. Starling Marte was just suspended 80 games for PED usage. I never heard of Nandrolone before so I figure I google it and see what it is. This is what I found. 

I was hoping that the definition wouldn’t be that bad and the drug he used wasn’t really that bad. But after reading that, yeah, it’s not good for Starling and the Pirates. 

I was hoping I could spin this in a way that what Starling did wasn’t the bad because believe it or not Starling Marte is one of my favorite players. Long story short, I’m a die hard Mets fan, I was at a Mets vs Pirates game at Citi Field, I was sitting right on the left field line and I was screaming at Starling the entire game. I was giving him encouragement. I kept asking for him just to give me a wave. And finally in the 7th inning he did as such. And then looked over at me in the 8th. So as a kid omg ea player does that he becomes your favorite player. So I always rooted for him. My family and I went to Pittsburgh to see a Pirates game and I bought a Starling Marte shirt and a Pirates hat. Yeah, I was all in. Starling Marte is my guy so this news makes me sad. 

Back to baseball terms, this is going to hurt the Pirates. And a lot. Marte was an all star in 2016 and is a two time gold glover. He had a career year hitting wise in 2016, batting .311. Marte was and is becoming an emerging star and the Pirates needed his bat in he lineup. He hits for contact, power and has great speed, stealing 47 bases last year. He has 60 careee homeruns, 242 career RBI’s and a career .288 hitter. That’s very solid and that type of player is going to be missed in the lineup. 

The Pirates are 6-7 to start the season and need to pick it up. It’ll be tough without Marte as he was the spark of this team. He could change the course of a game in a heartbeat. 

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