Miles Bridges: Set to Return for Sophomore Season?

According to the GOAT of all NBA reporting and breaking news, Adrian Wojnarowski, reported that Miles Bridges, has canceled all his meeting with agents. Here is Woj’s tweet about the subject.


That is basically ensuring that Miles Bridges is returning to Michigan State for his Sophomore year. If a player is canceling all meeting with a agents, he is set to return. Also, there is no point to Bridges entering the NBA draft without hiring an agent to “test the waters” because he’s already a lottery talent. So him canceling meetings with future agents, is a sure sign of him returning.

I mean, good for Miles Bridges. There is hope in this game of College basketball. Bridges had so much hype coming into Michigan State and he excelled with the hype. In his freshman year, Bridges averaged 16.9 points, 8.3 rebounds, 2.1 assists, and 1.5 blocks per game in 32 minutes per game. That is a really strong stat line for a freshman, and with that atat line, it would get him drafted in the top 14, maybe the top 10 of the draft. In our own NBA Mock Draft, we had Bridges being drafted in the lottery.

Bridges looks like a fullback on the basketball court. He is 6’7″, weighing 230 pounds as a small forward. That is just a beast. Bridges can dominate down low but also can step out to the perimeter and knock down 3’s with his smooth looking jumper.

Bridges game will translate to the NBA very well. He has all the tools to become a perennial all-star in the NBA but that will have to wait.

With Bridges coming back to Michigan State, Tony Patelis of @CollegeHoopsNews on Twitter, had Michigan State as #8 on his way too early top 25 if Bridges declared for the draft. Now with the news of him coming back to Michigan State, Patelis has Michigan State “easily” in the preseason Top 5.

Michigan State had such a young team this year, and still own a tournament game against Miami.  They will have everyone returning including Cassius Winston, Nick Ward, Josh Langford and Gavin Schilling will return from injury after missing the entire 2016-2017 season.

And lets not forget that Tom Izzo is bringing in Jaren Jackson JR, the #3 Power Forward in the class of 2017 and they’re bringing in Xavier Tillman, the #11 ranked Power Forward in the class of 2017.

This might be the deepest and most talented team Izzo has ever coached and they all will have another year of experience under their belts.

With Miles Bridges coming back for his sophomore year, Michigan State has to be the early favorite to cut down the nets and win a National Championship, the second one for Tom Izzo.

Good for Miles Bridges and respecting his school, his program and fans. I respect this decision 10000%. The NBA can wait one more year. Enjoy the college life. Enjoy playing for the love of the game and not the paychecks.

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