Matt Harvey: The Dark Knight Rises

Yes it was his first start of the 2017 season. Yes, it’s April 6th. Yes, I know i shouldn’t get ahead of myself. But with that being said…

Matt “The Dark Knight” is FREAKING BACK. (I knocked on wood a million times when I wrote this, so we’re good)

Harvey was absolutely dominate today. He was the freaking man. From the first pitch, he looked like the old Matt Harvey. The dominate Matt Harvey.

He looked like the 2013 Matt Harvey. Clean cut shave and very much in shape. He’s not as fat as he was last year, because it looked like he was pretty fat last year. But not this year. The guy looks good.

His fastball was topped out at 96 mph today and he sat around 94-95, which is the normal Matt Harvey. His change-up was phenomenal and 10 out of his 20 outs he recorded were on his secondary pitches, which is a great sign.

Harvey went deep in the 7th inning, pitching 6 2/3 innings, striking out 4, giving up 3 hits, 2 runs and walking none And the only made mistakes on 2 pitches. Both of those pitches went over the fence from the bat of Matt Kemp, but that’s one guy, that won’t happen all year. Every time the Braves made contact, it was soft. Besides the two homeruns, the Braves made zero solid contact off Harvey. That is a helluva stat line and start for a guy who couldn’t feel his fingertips 10 months ago. And for a guy who had thoracic outlet syndrome surgery 10 months ago.

Harvey is healthy, he looks great and I have no shame in saying he’s back. Because I truly think he is. He looks motivated, he wants to win and he looks like the old Matt Harvey.

If Harvey can pitch like this all year, and Syndergaard pitches like Syndergaard and deGrom is healthy again, there is not a better 1-2-3 combo in baseball.

Lets Go Mets.


P.S. Every time Harvey pitched terrible last year, I was so depressed. It really ruined my night. And for all the people who booed Matt Harvey off the Citi Field Diamond, never root for him again and never come back to a Mets game. That’s not what Mets fans do. We do that to players like Mike Pelfrey, Jason Bay or like a Luis Castillo. Not fot a guy who helped save this franchise.

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