Derek Jeter awarded bid to purchase Marlins

Derek Jeter might be ready to return to baseball in a big way, as sources confirmed to ESPN that he has interest in being part of a push to acquire the Miami Marlins.

Jeter, who retired after the 2014 season, doesn’t have the capital to be the main investor in a Marlins bid. He made about $400 million in salary and endorsements during his 20-year playing career with the New York Yankees, with a net worth of about $220 million after taxes.

Breaking: According to a report from the NY Post, Derek Jeter has apparently won the bid to purchase the Marlins. Jeter was part of a financial unit with former presidential candidate and Florida Governor Jeb Bush. The terms of the deal have yet to be disclosed but they are the winning bid. Expect the terms to be upwards of 1 billion dollars. 

Just putting this out there, I think this would be an excellent for baseball if Derek Jeter to get back involved in the game. This coming from a Mets fan who had to watch Jeter win five World Series with the Yankees.

However, his winning attitude and his business first attitude may be the stability the Marlins need in an ownership group.

Jeter’s presence alone should draw more attention to a team that constantly finishes in the bottom 10 of attendance each season and struggles with revenue and salary restrictions.

The Marlins have been known to be frugal with spending and usually do not maintain their star players as they let them walk during free agency. Obviously, Giancarlo Stanton is the minority case here but if you look at the details in his contract, it is likely the Marlins will not have to pay him the full 300+ million. Stanton is likely to opt of his deal before his annual salary exceeds $30 million annually.

With the right financial investors and business partners, Jeter is likely to make a run at purchasing the team. Honestly, why not? Jeter has already excelled at everything in his life and was long rumored to get involved into MLB front offices upon his retirement.

Jeter is likely to be a tremendous owner as he would bring the same mindset of his playing days now to the business side of baseball. Is there anyone who really doubt Jeter would not make a good owner and build a winning team?

After the heartbreaking death of Jose Fernadez, the Marlins lost their identity as a team and as a community. Fernadez personified who the Marlins were and the passion he played the game with made it a must see start.

With that star power now gone, Jeter’s presence might be what the Marlins need to fully recover during this healing process.

-This article was updated from it’s original text.

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