Tony Romo: Surprises Everyone; Retires from Football, Joins CBS.

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is leaving football and going into broadcasting with CBS, league sources told ESPN.

Romo has reached a verbal agreement with CBS to be its No. 1 color commentator — replacing former NFL quarterback Phil Simms — alongside play-by-play veteran Jim Nantz, sources confirmed to ESPN. He also had drawn interest from Fox and NBC. The Sports Business Journal first reported Romo’s agreement with CBS.

The Cowboys are planning to release him Tuesday. (


This morning, Tony Romo “officially” said goodbye to Football and decided to join CBS as a color commentator. Maybe, we have seen the last snap Tony Romo has ever taken in the NFL. He was just hired by CBS to be a color commentator for football and golf, he’ll get millions of dollars and never have to take hit from a 6’5″, 280 pound linebacker ever again. His health is now safe and he doesn’t have to worry about getting hurt again. He gets to call football games, work the Super Bowl, and broadcast Golf matches. I mean talk about the perfect job.

Tony Romo will clearly thrive as a color commentator. He is one of the most intelligent quarterbacks to ever play this game, he knows the game better than anyone else. He is also and avid golfer and will do very well calling Golf, too. There is no reason for him to put the pads back on. Yes, he never won a Superbowl, yes, he only won 2 playoff games, but you cannot deny how great Tony Romo is when he’s healthy. He was magnificent. And I am a DIE HARD Giants fan, i have season tickets and all, I hated Tony Romo for years and years. He broke the Giants and their fans hearts time and time again, and I resented him for that. I mean I HATED the guy.

But I respected him. I hated him because he was great. He never did anything wrong off the field, he was always a stand up guy, who contributed on and off the field, and when he was on the field, he was tremendous. He led 27 game winning drives in the 4th quarter since 2006, the most by any quarterback. That’s clutch. And I don’t want to hear about he didn’t perform well in the playoffs. He performed very well. Maybe not as well, *cough, Eli Manning, cough* but very well to say the least. He was a clutch quarterback.

romo 2.jpg

Again, Romo has no reason to put on the pads again. He’s going to make millions of dollars calling football games and golf matches. I mean he just hit the freaking lottery. He can work one day a week, spend more time with his family, stay healthy and live a nice, comfortable life. And, he’s turning 37 and the end of this month. How much good football does he have left anyway?

All that being said, I really don’t think we’ve seen the last of Tony Romo. I really don’t. This guy is way to competitive to go out like this. He still feels as if he has so much to prove on the football field.

What I really think is going to happen is, he is going to take this year off, get his body 100% healthy, study every team in the NFL as he’s broadcasting, come back to the gridiron after this season is complete. Romo has already told Jerry Jones that he’s not officially walking away yet. That’s why I had quotation marks on officially in the first line. The dude has been retired for a few hours and is already complementing a return to the NFL. He is going to get his body right, take some time off and return the season after this one.

I really don’t believe this is the end of Tony Romo’s career. He is way too competitive to go out like this. The guy has been a gamer his entire career. Romo had to prove everyone wrong after he was undrafted from Eastern Illinois, and he made a case to be a hall of famer ever since going undrafted. I think we will see Romo again on a football field.

Again, die-hard Giants fan, don’t like Romo solely because he played for the Cowboys, but I respect him. I think he was a great player and I think he will be back, just not in Dallas.

P.S. Eli Manning is better and there really isn’t a debate about it. If you want to debate it, @joe_ryan1621 on twitter, but there is no debate, so I expect no mentions.

P.P.S. This freaking stinks for Phil Simms. Romo retires, has no broadcasting experience and CBS gives Phil Simms job to Romo?! Now Phil Simms is out of a job. Now I hate Romo even more.

I’ve shown Romo too much love in this article so I’m putting this here:

gif (14).gif

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