Mets Opening Day- A few predictions

Opening day for the Mets is tomorrow April 3rd at 1:10 pm vs the Atlanta Braves.  Opening day is special because it is a sign of summer for us in seasonal weather and every team has hope.  Last year is over, new players will step up, some guys will decline, guys will get hurt and teams will maybe surprise during the year.  Opening day is a fresh start for everyone and that is exciting.  This season the Mets look strong and that is even more exciting.  Here are a few bold predictions for this Mets season.

Noah Syndergaard will win the Cy Young


Noah is a beast and we all know it.  It is hard to fathom a guy who throws that hard on every pitch having the control he does.  If you are going to build a pitcher from scratch I think the end result would look exactly like Noah Syndergaard.  Winning the Cy Young is all about numbers and Noah is already elite in ERA, Whip, and K’s.  The one thing missing has been his win total.  This year the Mets are poised to have a very solid offense and I think the additional run support can get Noah to the 20 win mark.  When he is on he can throw a no hitter at any time and when he is not on he is a good enough pitcher to still get outs.  Here is my prediction for Noah’s Season…

21-6 W/L        2.15 ERA          0.97 WHIP         268 K’s


Zach Wheeler will be the Met’s third best starting pitcher


Noah Syndergaard and Jacob Degrom are going to lead the way for this team and both will be dominating.  Where the other guys slot in is going to be fun to watch because of the amount of talent the Mets have available to them in regards to starting pitching.  Wheeler is not being expected to do much after missing the last 2 season due to injury.  I think this only helps Wheeler this year because the pressure is off.  He does not have to be the ace of the staff and I think that fact will help his mindset which is huge for a young flamethrower.  A lot of these guys that come up with big arms struggle because they try to do much. The reason is the team and fans have heard about the guy for years and when they finally see them they expect Sandy Koufax.  This puts a lot of pressure on a young pitcher and can be problematic early.  Wheeler has the luxury of having a mindset set of ” let me just contribute to the team” instead of trying to save it.  His natural stuff is unreal and rivals Syndergaard’s so if he is relaxed out there he can dominate.  Being the 4th starter also allows Wheeler to face off against weaker pitchers which can help him build confidence by getting some early wins under his belt.  The Win/Loss record of a pitcher might not be the best indicator of how well they are throwing but believe me it is important to the guys pitching.  Wheeler will have an inning cap and may be moved to the bullpen later but when he is starting I think he will be the Mets third best starter this season.

Yoenis Cespedes will be top 3 in the MVP voting

New York Mets

The Mets are going to win a lot of games and Cespedes will be the team’s best offensive player.  Your team winning is half the battle in the MVP race.  Cespedes is signed, healthy,  and wants to bring a championship here, so the sky is the limit for this guy.

David Wright will Contribute


Do I think he will play third base ? No.  I think his contribution will come in the form of DH when we play american league teams.  This is far cry from the All-Star third baseman we will remember but I think David will still be able to hit in a limited role.  Trot him out there as a DH and I think he will have some positive games for us.  His leadership alone helps the team so his role will not be huge but it will be positive.

Kevin Plawecki will be the starting catcher by season’s end

Kevin Plawecki

Kevin Plawecki is a forgotten man and I do not think it is really fair.  He came up had vertigo, played part-time and struggled, and then was banged up in spring training this year.  He is healthy now and will start the year in Vegas.  I think he will mash there, build confidence, and replace Travis D’arnaud for good. Travis is always hurt and his defense is too bad to be carried by his inconsistent bat. Rene Riveria is a good backup but a backup is all he is.  Plawecki however has the pedigree to be a starting catcher and I think this is his year to take the job.  Remember not to long ago Plawecki was a first round pick and top prospect so the talent is there and he has hit at every level in his life so I see a bright future.

Amed Rosario will be starting for us at Shortstop before season’s endamed_rosario_mcshane_2015_0_0_p9n9crft_1geu5vz4

Rosario is a top 10 prospect in baseball and the real deal so it is only a matter of time before he takes over. Asdrubal Cabrera has done a great job for this team so far and I see him playing well again.  The reason I see Rosario up here sooner rather than later is number 1 his talent, but number 2 the Mets infield will be hard pressed to all make it through the season.  Wright is already hurt, Reyes is injury prone and older, Walker and Duda are coming off back injuries and Cabrera had a bad knee all year last season.  Cabrera has the versatility to play second or third also so if Reyes or Walker go down you could see Rosario up with Cabrera switching over.  Cabrera himself can also go down at any time so that scenario would also have Rosario coming up.  I think at the end of the day though Rosario’s talent both defensively and offensively will force his way up here at some point at the expense of Cabrera. Cabrera has a team option for 8.5 million next season, so the end is near for him anyway in Queens.


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