Jeurys Familia: Suspended first 15 games of the MLB Season

New York Mets closer Jeurys Familia, who was arrested on a misdemeanor domestic violence charge that was later dismissed, was suspended 15 games by Major League Baseball on Wednesday.

Commissioner Rob Manfred met with Familia on Monday to discuss the incident, which took place Oct. 31 in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Manfred said Familia will not appeal the suspension and can continue participating in spring training and exhibition games prior to Opening Day.

Under the terms of his suspension, Familia will make appearances at MLB’s rookie programs in the United States and the Dominican Republic, along with an appearance for a domestic violence group in New York. He already has completed 12 90-minute counseling sessions. (via


What a freaking weird situation. I mean like really weird. When I got the notification on Halloween that Familia was arrested for Domestic Violence, I was really pissed. Like I first thought, why are these athletes hitting their wives or any girl? Just freaking walk away. How can anybody in their right mind hit a women? That’s just a coward move.

But than I thought, you know, it COULD be “Fake News.” Meaning, I didn’t want to just read a headline and then jump to conclusions like most people. So i read into it more and more.

At first reports were saying that Familia hit someone but it wasn’t his wife, and then there was another report that he didn’t hit anybody, and then it was reported that his wife wasn’t even on the scene.

So now I was really freaking confused. Is the best closer in Baseball getting suspended 50+ games or not? Than after like a week or so the story kind of disappeared and we didn’t hear much about it.

But then, obviously, it resurfaced, during Spring Training.  A conclusion had to be found. So Familia and his Family met with the Commisioner Rob Manfred and the MLB. After many meeting and a lot of investigation, a decision was finally made.

Jeurys Familia was suspended 15 games. The MLB found that Familia never actually beat his wife and the reports weren’t entirely accurate. However, Familia was suspended for “force or harm, on October 31, 2016,” Manfred said in a statement Wednesday. “Nevertheless, I have concluded that Mr. Familia’s overall conduct that night was inappropriate, violated the Policy, and warrants discipline. It is clear that Mr. Familia regrets what transpired that night and takes full responsibility for his actions.” (Via NYDailynews).

So, Familia never beat his wife, but his actions warranted a suspension. Fair enough. He was wrong and he deserves to be punished.

But lets talk about it in a baseball sense.

The Mets will be fine without Familia for the first 15 games. There will probably only be like 6-8 save situations in those 15 games anyway, and they have Addison Reed, a former formidable closer who has over 100 saves for his career. Oh and also Reed had a breakout year last year, cementing himself as one of the best relievers in the games, after posting  a sub 2 ERA. I think he’s more than capable for filling in for Familia, I’m not all to worried about 15 games. Reed is not a drop off by any stretch, the dude is an absolute gamer.

And let’s be real, Familia has pitched a lot of inning over the last 2 years and it seemed as if he were gassed in the playoffs, both times around. Hopefully, this will let him get some early rest, and let him be more fresh towards the end of the year.

All in all, Familia was wrong, he deserved to be punished, but it’s not a terribly long suspension in which it’s gonna cost the Mets.

And we get to see Reed close games and we get reactions like this with the hat tip

gif (10).gif


P.S. I have the biggest man crush on Addison Reed after we had this interaction on Twitter. So I’m happy he’s getting to close games for a little.

reedreed 2.jpg


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