Gary Sanchez to hit second in Yankees Opening Day lineup

TAMPA, Fla. — The New York Yankees likely will bat power-hitting catcher Gary Sanchez second in their lineup at the start of the season.

Yankees manager Joe Girardi said Tuesday that he was leaning toward having Brett Gardner bat leadoff, followed by Sanchez, Greg Bird, Matt Holliday and Jacoby Ellsbury.

Not going to lie, I think this is a brilliant move by Joe Girardi. Sanchez is the cornerstone piece to the Yankees lineup and batting him second will get him more at bats throughout the season.

Using a left – right – left – right handed hitting lineup would make it more difficult for opposing pitchers to get into a rhythm and make it harder to navigate against.

Sanchez, who took the MLB by storm in his rookie season, hit 20 home runs and drove in 42 runs in 201 at bats. The rookie catcher hit .299 and had a .376 on base percentage as well.



Although it is unfair to expect Sanchez to duplicate the same pace he did a year ago, an all star selection this upcoming season is definitely in reach.

Sanchez will likely hit around .280 with 25 plus home runs and 80 plus RBI. If he produces a season like that, Yankees fans should be thrilled.

-all statistics used from unless otherwise noted.

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