A Plea to Patrick Ewing

Patrick Ewing when you read this please take this advice seriously.  Do not, I repeat Do not take the Georgetown Head Coaching job.  I loved you as a Knick and want the best for the guys who brought me joy in my life so this is my warning.  Wait a second though, wasn’t he the greatest Georgetown player ever and a star NBA player and has plenty of assistant coaching experience in the NBA ? Sounds perfect right ? A match made in Heaven it even seems, however this is all wrong and will destroy Patrick Ewing’s chance of ever being a head coach in the NBA  which is clearly what he truly wants.

Here is the problem, Patrick Ewing was a star in the 90’s and more of a star in New York than on the national stage.  Last time I checked Georgetown is not located in New York so I am willing to bet 80% of the kids he will try to recruit will have to look up Patrick Ewing stats to even gauge how good he was.  I am 30 years old, I have no idea how good Moses Malone was besides from what I read on the internet therefore I have no emotional allegiance towards him, I can never be a true fan, and honestly if he was still alive and coaching a college and I was a recruit I doubt it would be a huge factor in my decision.  You want proof of this, ask every single top 100 recruit to tell you what they think about Isiah Thomas’s game and I will bet my life 100 out of 100 tell you about the Boston Celtic not the Detroit Piston.  So when Piston Isiah Thomas a NBA Legend just like Patrick goes to coach FIU and can not get any players it does not surprise me nor should it you.  Top players today want two things, a path to the NBA and an ability to brand themselves and that is from playing at schools like Kentucky, Duke and UNC and being on TV every game.  Does anyone believe because Patrick Ewing is coaching Georgetown they are  going to take over the prime time spots on TV ? Again Doubtful.  I can name 10 or more Ex NBA players who are coaching colleges right now and no body would know because they do not get the big time, one and done players and therefore they are not in the national Spotlight, quick somebody tell me who Dan Majerle and Damon Stoudamire coach without google ? My point exactly.


So anyone who disagrees with the last paragraph are going to say 2 things. 1) Georgetown is a known team unlike Pacific and Grand Canyon (answer to trivia question above) and FIU.  2) Patrick Ewing is a hard worker and will get recruits because he can sell Georgetown because of his love and loyalty to his alma mater.

Lets Address this..

  1. Georgetown is known but has not been good in to long of a time to be relevant to a 17-year-old recruit.  If this was the 90’s sure you can point to the success of the program and it would matter, too much time has past for a 17 year old to care.  I mean St. John’s was a national powerhouse for a long time, ask Chris Mullen how easy it is to get recruits to care about the history of the program and the fact he played in the NBA at a basketball school.  Other issue yes, Georgetown is known but they are no where close to any of the big schools like UNC, Duke, Kentucky, Kansas and so on.  Money makes the world go around and anyone who says different does not have any.  The big schools have the history to trump Georgetown anyway and the money to kill smaller schools in facility, campus, and amenities.
  2. Patrick Ewing is a hard worker and a professional as they come when it comes to his new job of coaching, however here is the issue.  Patrick Ewing does not have the personality to sell these top players on coming to Georgetown.  The key to being a top college coach is getting the talent to come and that is all sales.  Ask anyone who knows Patrick and ask them if he was not a basketball player and no one knew him could he make it working in sales, and the answer would be no.  Ask someone the same question about John Calipari and Rick Pitino and you will see the difference.  Patrick Ewing might out class all these guys in x’s and o’s who knows but they will have the best talent and that generally rules in the game of basketball.  Just to really drive this point home one of the things the pro guys like about Patrick Ewing as a coach is him being blunt with the players and to the point.  That is great but being blunt to a 17-year-old and his parents probably is not going to go over very well this day and age.  They want to hear how great they are and how you can help them get to the NBA, that is going to be hard for a blunt person to accept and do.  Let me give you a story I once heard, John Calipari was trying to recruit top player Marcus Camby to basketball nobody UMASS.  Apparently one thing Marcus Camby wanted was to play point guard.  I bet you the reason Marcus Camby ended up at UMASS was coach Cal’s answer to that question which was something like this, ” Yes Marcus, we will have you play point guard and our point guard’s post up a lot”  These are the types of sales people you have to deal with in College Basketball, not so easy.

Patrick I am letting you know this now, besides the problems you will face at Georgetown it is a no win situation for you anyway.  If you win and do well you are labeled a college coach, and will not get any coaching credit because it will just be deemed you are Patrick Ewing and you should do well at Georgetown.  If you lose you will be deemed a failed coach who got an easy job and failed and you will never get a shot at the NBA.  I do not think you put in 15 years of NBA time on the bench coaching to risk blowing a chance at ever being a NBA head coach by taking a no win situation at your old school.  Listen, if he needed the money fine go ahead, if Kansas calls and says they want you to replace Bill Self, great maybe you think it over and consider it but do not consider this if you ever want to be a NBA head coach. Trust me, eventually a bad team is going to get a top pick and draft a big guy and you will get a shot.

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