Oakland Raiders expected to move to Las Vegas

The Oakland Raiders are expected to have enough votes from NFL owners to approve their move to Las Vegas, sources told ESPN’s Adam Schefter. 

The NFL and the Oakland Raiders have found a new home for their new stadium as the team is expected to move to Las Vegas.

In a vote held by the NFL owners, the Raiders are expected to receive enough passing votes to make the move official later this afternoon.  A majority of 75% of the votes is needed for the move to take place.

The Raiders new stadium is expected to be financed at $750 million through public funding.


Getty Images)

The Raiders will join the NHL’s new expansion team as the second professional franchise to added to the city.

The Raiders are coming off a 12-4 season received the first wild card spot in the AFC this year.

This move is likely to hold a domino effect with professional sports and gambling. Teams have long feared a relocation to Vegas due to the legal sport gambling. With two teams in the area, it looks as if professional sport teams may become more open to the idea of people gambling on their games.

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