March Madness Observations

Okay so my National Champion pick< Kentucky, lost last night  and I only got 1 out of 4 picks correct. My wife also got 1 out of 4 correct so I would say 2 out of 4 between us is not to bad considering only 657 people picked 4 out of 4 this season.  That shows how unpredictable the NCAA tournament can be and if you catch a hot team and you are off your game you will go home.  So what happened to my picks.  Oregon was the only correct selection and I had them pegged pretty decent even though Dillon Brooks has played second fiddle to Tyler Dorsey but overall they hit big shots and played well as a team.  Arizona and Duke where the biggest upsets I had but I do not feel so bad considering South Carolina is the hottest team in the land.  They also happen to have 2 NBA guys and a pretty solid coach in Frank Martin.  I do not know what happened to Arizona here but it is time to take a shot at coach Sean Miller.  You can not lose to Xavier here with this team. I do not care about March Madness and upsets and anything can happen.  After seeing what Gonzaga did to Xavier it tells me Arizona was not up to this game and that falls on the coach.  He gets a pass always because Arizona is not under the same pressure some of the bigger jobs are in the Country.  He has to much talent and not enough big wins every season and this was his year and they blew it.

Gonzaga on the other hand should finally get some respect.  They are here on a mission and have something to prove.  That game versus South Carolina is going to be must watch basketball.

I have a new found respect for Sindarius Thornwell by the way who has shown not only talent but the moxy to carry a team has earned a lot of respect from me.  If I am a NBA GM I take notice to the guys who are willing to take over and can actually do it.  Speaking on that note, Malik Monk, I would not take in the first round of the NBA Draft after watching him all season and in this tournament.  I initially thought he had the it factor but quite simply he has the JR Smith factor which can trick even the most keen obsverver.  The JR Smith factor is a guy who can get hot hit 10 threes and look like the best player in the NBA and when his shots do not fall he is a D leaguer.  Not to mention Monk is 6’3 and weighs 150 pounds so he will be strictly a chucker in the NBA who will have some good games here and there but for the most part struggle to get his shot off, turn the ball over, get killed on defense and make you question what is he doing out there.

Clearly that leads to the Kentucky vs. UNC game last night which quite frankly  came down to 2 things.  The first being Malik Monk, despite hitting 2 meaningless threes after the game was basically over he killed Kentucky.  Two possessions in a row down the stretch he had a pull up three which he hit the backboard on and then he passed the ball directly to a UNC player. The second was UNC was a better overall team than Kentucky. Kentucky had more top heavy talent but UNC was deeper and it gave them the overall edge.  Bam was a beast and and battled hard and De’Aaron Fox had foul trouble all game but got them this far.  Side note, look at this video and you tell me which of the 3 guys Kentucky guys you want on your team ?


Not saying Malik Monk does not care but those two guys played with passion and it shows in that video and more importantly on the court.  In comparison Lonzo Ball to me did not seem to care much about losing and being absolute destroyed by De’Aaron Fox and almost seemed relieved to say he was done at UCLA when a reporter asked.  Listen some guys treat the game as a business and some guys would play for a 50k salary nothing wrong with either but give me the guys where basketball runs deep and they care about their teammates as much as about themselves and i’ll take my chances against more talent any day.

Stock up- Bam, De’Aaron Fox, Sindarius Thornwell,Gonzaga, Tyler Dorsey

Stock Down- Sean Miller, Lonzo Ball, Malik Monk

On to the final 4 it should be a good one.

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