De’Aaron Fox: The NBA Prospect Everyone Should be Talking About

Written by: Joe Ryan

De’aaron Fox is going to be an absolute star in the NBA. He is going to be a perennial All-star, he might win MVP’s, he’s going to lead whatever team drafts him to a Championship.

Why? Because De’Aaron Fox is a winner. The young, 19 year old guard from Katy, Texas, has every tool to be a star in the NBA. I’ll go as far as saying that he is the best prospect in this loaded draft class.  This is coming from a die-hard Kansas Jayhawks fan, and Josh Jackson is going to be in this draft class so it is saying something. If I were the GM of the team with the #1 overall pick, I’m drafting Fox and I wouldn’t think twice about it. The kid is a winner, and he’s going to be a winner in the NBA.

Fox got a little bit overlooked at his time at the University of Kentucky. He had to share the spotlight with Malik Monk and Bam Adebayo. Monk and Adebayo got a lot of the highlights because Monk is a great 3 point shooter who can put up points in a hurry. Adebayo is beast down low, who throws down some viscous dunks. It was Fox however who was the best player on this Kentucky team. Fox is a big time player. He shows up and plays well every game, but he plays even better in big time situations.

He doesn’t shy away from the spotlight. He welcomes it.


Fox averaged 16.7 ppg, 4.0 rpg and 4.6 apg. Beast numbers, but his best games came against Kentucky’s toughest opponents. Fox has 20 points, 9 assists in a loss to UCLA (outplaying Lonzo Ball in that game),   24 points, 10 assists in a win against North Carolina in December, 21 points against heated rival Louisville in a win, and his best game of his collegiate career, a career high 39 points in the Sweet 16 to defeat and get revenge on UCLA, propelling Kentucky into the Elite 8. Yet again, Fox completely outplayed Lonzo Ball, a unanimous top 2 pick in this years NBA draft.

Fox has proven that he likes to play on the big stage. He dominated this year in college.Watch his highlight tape of his freshman year in college. All you have to do is watch 2 minutes of it and realize how special this kid is.

But I know that this draft class is loaded. I know you have players like Malik Monk, Lonzo Ball, Markelle Fultz, and many more. I know those players are going to get drafted high and change franchises. I know they’re gonna be all-stars and lead their team to deep run in the playoffs. I know that, trust me I do. I know how loaded this draft class is. But Fox is the best player in this draft. He is so skilled. He is quick as lightning, his basketball IQ is sky high, his passes are always crisp, he rarely turns the ball over, his mid range game is lethal. He’s got it all. The one knock you can have on Fox is his 3 point shot. Fox only shot 25% from 3. Not good at all. But, 1) that’s not his game. His game is those mid rangers, getting to the bucket for a layup or dunk, and getting his teammates involved into the game. Fox’s game is creating the tempo of the game. I never have seen another player dictate the tempo of a game like Fox. Also, 2) everyone’s shot improves when they get to the NBA. They spend countless hours in the Gym, with NBA coaches, to get their shot right. I’m not worried about his jumper. I’ve watched him enough. It’s right there. His jumper is going to be very good once he gets the right coaching.

But, here’s the absolute reason why De’aaron Fox is the best prospect in this draft class and should be seriously considered to be drafted #1. Watch this video. It’s 2 minutes long. It’s worth it.

Kentucky just lost an absolute heartbreaking game to North Carolina in which UNC hit a game winning shot with 0.3 seconds left to go to the Final Four. It was Fox’s dream to get to the Final Four and being 0.3 seconds away from that dream is devastating. Fox knows he’s going to the NBA and in 3 months he’ll be making millions of dollars. But he doesn’t care about that. He’s DEVASTATED over the fact that him and his brothers lost that game. He is heartbroken that him and his brothers at Kentucky will never be on the court at the same time together again as a team. He wanted this so bad. He’s playing basketball for the love of the game, not for the business. He is out there, busting his ass to win every game. Now everyone has the misconception that players who go to college for only one year are their just because they have to be there because they can’t go to the NBA yet. Try telling Fox that. Kid is devastated at the fact that they didn’t win the National Championship this year. He’s hugging onto his Kentucky brother Bam Adebayo for dear life, because they love each other. That’s the type of player I want on my team. A guy who can do it all and care and love his teammates the way Fox does.

Don’t get me wrong Lonzo Ball is a great player. But watch Lonzo Ball talk about his team and season after De’Aaron Fox and Kentucky eliminated them.

Are you freaking kidding me Lonzo Ball? Ball declared for the draft as soon as the game was over. That is probably the most selfish thing I ever saw. Everyone knows you’re going to the NBA, declare the next day or the day after. It doesn’t matter. Give the respect to your teammates and the seniors who just played in their last game. All you have to say is, “we just lost, I’m upset for my teammates, my coaches, myself and the university, I rather not talk about the NBA right this second.” Everyone would’ve been absolutely fine with it. But no, the kid declares for the draft, basically says “FU” to his teammates and that’s it. If I was a GM I wouldn’t draft him where he is projected just on this.

I would draft Fox over Ball. Why? Because Fox is better, proved twice in head to head matchup that he’s better than him, Fox loves his teammates and would do anything for them and Fox plays the game for the love of it, not for the business like Ball.

Fox is my top draft prospect in this years NBA Draft. I know for a fact this kid is going to be an absolute star.

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