Matt Harvey-We don’t need a hero to save us

Let me be clear, I love the Matt Harvey, “The Dark Knight” thing that has developed over the years.  I watched all the videos on YouTube with dialogue from the Batman movies, got pumped up and waited for him to find it last year and save the day.  He never did find it then they revealed the injury and that was that.  What I realized from last year was this, if Batman doesn’t come back, Gotham blows up, Matt Harvey did not come back the Mets still made the playoffs.  People have been fixated on him this spring training as if he was the key to the season.  Yes, if Matt Harvey is great our odds of winning the World Series goes up, but if he is average, to me our odds stay the same.  What is he to the Mets right now? A sidekick, that is all for right now until he proves otherwise.

Harvey is our 4th starter with depth behind him if he gets injured or falters.  We do not need him to win the CY Young and save us.  We just need him to good enough because that is all any team wants from their 4th and 5th starters.  If he is not good enough ZacK Wheeler and Seth Lugo will have no problems taking his spot.  I love reading that Matt Harvey hit 96 mph in his last start and I am happy about that but his velocity to me is the last of his concerns.  Matt Harvey threw hard last year and got pounded.  WHY ? He had no command and could not throw his slider.  I will attribute that to not being able to feel his fingers so I hope that improves.  He can throw 100 mph but if he is middle up every pitch like last season he will get hit hard.

What made Harvey great was his velocity combined with his pinpoint fastball control and the ability to throw his slider in any count.  You know how many 3-2 swinging strikes Harvey got when he was going good ?  So anyone down in Florida reporting  next time Harvey pitches I want to hear about his control and whether he was throwing sliders in fastball counts and vice versa.  That will tell me more about where he is then how hard he was throwing because his velocity is not the issue and was not the issue last year.  As for this season, I want Harvey to be great because A) that is a bonus for the Mets, and B) I really enjoy those Youtube videos.

Just to calm everyone down if he sucks or is hurt do not worry we do not need a hero to save us this season and if we do, that guy Thor just might be able to fill the role.

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