Cam Newton to have Shoulder Surgery on Throwing Arm

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton will have surgery on March 30 to repair a partially torn rotator cuff on his throwing shoulder, the team announced Tuesday.

The 2015 NFL MVP will be sidelined for offseason workouts, but is expected to be ready for the start of training camp in late July.

The injury occurred in a Week 14 game against the Chargers. Newton finished the game, but an MRI the following week revealed the partial tear. The team did not report the tear at the time.

Newton was limited in practice during the week for the remainder of the season but didn’t miss a start. (ESPN).

Okay, yeah this is not good for Newton and the Panthers. Not good at all.

What are the Panthers thinking? This injury happened in week 14?!?! The Panthers were 4-8 going into that game. Their season was over. Pack it in for the year, make sure everyone on the roster doesn’t suffer any major injuries, compete to the best of your ability and try and play spoiler for other teams. Or just chalk this season up as a failure, get a great pick and move onto 2017. Carolina, it’s not that hard.

And what do the Panthers go out and do? Oh just the 2015 NFL MVP, their star player and their Quarterback goes out and tears his rotator cuff on his THROWING shoulder. And then he doesn’t miss a game the rest of the year?!?! Seriously?

I don’t even blame Cam Newton on this. Who is running this organization? Obviously, they knew Newton was hurt because he didn’t practice at all, he was on the just on the injury report, he just played in the games. Why risk the injury anymore? The Panthers weren’t going to the playoffs anyway. And why don’t you just let Newton get the surgery then, instead of now.

I don’t care what the reports say. I HIGHLY doubt Newton will be ready by Training Camp. He’d be ready by training camp if he got the surgery in December when he was supposed too, instead of March.

Surgery on your rotator cuff is a major surgery. It’s gonna take awhile for Newton to rehab and start throwing again. I don’t care his name is nickname is “SuperCam”. Even for Superman this is a long rehab. This is bad news for the Panthers. I hope Newton makes a speedy recovery because the NFL is better when he is on the field at his best, but he’s got a long road ahead of him, especially if he wants to play in training camp, or week 1, or at a high level.

And yeah, I am a little salty. How do the Panthers not release this injury to the public? That is prime time Fantasy Football playoff time. And I’m the jerk that played Newton throughout my playoffs thinking he was healthy. And I lost in the semi-finals.

The Carolina Panthers owe me one. This is your fault Panthers.

Still Love Cam, though.

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