Geno the Giant

Win. Win.

Geno Smith officially signs a contract with the New York Giants. And for all the Giants fans complaining that the Giants don’t need  back-up Quarterback, you’re wrong.

This is a win-win for the Giants and Geno Smith.

The Giants only signed Smith to a 1 year deal for only $2 million. That’s nothing.

Ryan Nassib is no longer on the team, and thankfully so. I liked Nassib, but he was not a formidable backup. He could not come into the game and help the Giants win. However, Geno could. Geno has NFL experience. Granted, he hasn’t absolutely thrived yet during his Jets career, but what Jet quarterback actually does? And the Giants get a quarterback who can make plays with his arms or legs, if they ABSOLUTELY need him too. They still have the Hall of Famer, Iron Man, Eli Manning leading the charge. Eli has started 211 straight games, and hasn’t missed any plays or snaps that would impact the game.

Yeah, that’s durability. And *knock on wood*, hopefully that streak continues to 231 games by the end of the season (231 is when they get to and win the Superbowl).

And it’s a win for Geno, too. He get’s to learn under one of the smartest, best quarterbacks in the league and of all time. Eli is always prepping for games, always studying film, and he is going to help Geno with that too. Geno is going to be a better and smarter quarterback after learning under Eli and that could give him leverage in free agency after this season.

And if something, God Forbid, ever happened to Eli, that he had to miss a game or two, or a series during the game, I’m comfortable with Geno holding it down. I know the Giants just signed Josh Johnson, but do you really want a quarterback who hasn’t thrown a meaningful pass since 2011 to lead your team? Absolutely not. Geno has been a decent quarterback for 4 years. Yes, he makes mistakes, but he can hold it down. He’s a formidable backup.

And again, if anything happened to Eli, God forbid, Geno has OBJ, Brandon Marshall and Sterling Shepard to throw too. I mean, I could complete a few passes to those guys, I’m sure Geno Smith, an NFL quarterback, can throw them the ball successfully. He has OBJ, one of, if not the best wide receivers in the NFL, he has Brandon Marshall again, who he played 2 years with the Jets, and an emerging star in Sterling Shepard. He has weapons if he ever needed them.

Again, Geno is NOT expected to play. He is here to learn under Eli, for himself, be our BACKUP if we need him, and give our defense a good look in practice when we have to face quarterbacks like Dak Prescott, Carson Wentz, Russell Wilson, and Alex Smith this season. Geno can give our defense a good look in scout offense because he is a mobile quarterback.

This also gives the Giants another year that they don’t have to draft a quarterback. They can now wait until the 2018 draft to start looking for Eli’s replacement.

The Giants needed a formidable backup and they got one, and they got one for cheap. And Geno goes to a great organization, learns under a great Quarterback and restarts his career and moves forward to make a great career for himself.

Welcome to Big Blue, Geno the Giant!

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