Breaking Down the DJ Fluker Signing for the New York Giants

The Giants buffered their offense line Saturday night, as the team signed the former number 11 overall pick in the 2013 draft from Alabama, DJ Fluker. The deal is worth one year for reportedly $3 million dollars.

I have absolutely no problem with this signing. As a New York Giants fan, it’s been rough watching Marshall Newhouse and company giving Eli Manning about 1-2 seconds i n the pocket every single play.

Now I wouldn’t call this a steal, because Fluker is not the best offensive lineman in the world, but this is the closest thing to a steal.

Fluker was a former high draft pick not so long ago. He played at Alabama and I never have a problem with teams going after Alabama guys. Every Alabama guy is a stud or has a lot of upside, so why not give Fluker another chance? His stint in San Diego wasn’t the best. His first 2 years were good to average but his last two were not his best after he moved from right tackle to right guard. But he’s only 26. A different scenery can do a player wonders. And for only $3 million? Why not?

In his first two years, Fluker played well at tackle. Per Pro football focus, he posted grades of 71.7 and 77 in 2013 and 2014. After he moved to guard, however, those numbers dropped.

But Fluker can play tackle again with the Giants. Fluker can replace Newhouse (who recently signed with the Oakland Raiders) as the starting right tackle. gif (2)

This is Fluker from 2014. #76 playing right tackle.This would be the best protection Eli has had from any side of the tackle position in the last 2 years. And if Fluker can give this effort with the Giants, and give Eli time to throw to OBJ, Shepard and Marshall, the Giants offense can return to putting up big numbers.

Again, I have no problem signing guys from Alabama. Fluker is 26, played well at right tackle, where he’ll likely and should be with the Giants in 2017. And a change of scenery can do wonders for a player.

This is a good signing for Jerry Reese and company. Fluker will be able to fit right in and look for Fluker to return to his 2013 and 2014 self.

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